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Recently, there has being a huge change in sex dolls as inventors have worked hard to make them feel and look more real. The next leap for sex dolls is in artificial intelligence. Recently the first A.I sex robots have been created and they are now taking over the industry. Sex dolls have gone from having a blank, silent face to being more and more interactive. The dolls can moan, talk, and even blink. Each year sex dolls become more and more advanced. It is amazing how far they have come, and we can only speculate how real they will be in the next 5 years. Here are some amazing features already included in A.I sex dolls today! The best...

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Sex Doll Brothels – Are They Good For Society?

     An interesting and yet controversial trend is currently gaining popularity around the world. Imagine yourself going into a regulated business, picking a companion from a line of beautiful women, and spending quality time with her. I am not talking about just an ordinary brothel. This is a brand new take on the world’s oldest profession: sex doll brothels.      Inside a sex doll brothel, you won't find any real women to pay for play. Instead, you will be able to pick out a lifelike  sex doll based on your preferences. These dolls are a big change from the blow up dolls of the past. These sex dolls have a substantial amount of detail that make each of...

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Advantages of TPE Sex Dolls

     Have you made up your mind to buy a sex doll but are confused on what type to buy? The most common materials used for the manufacturing of sex dolls are TPE and silicone. During the early stages of development, sex dolls were primarily manufactured using silicone, but recently TPE is gaining more and more popularity. If you are trying to decide on which material will be the best for you, we recommend taking a look at the benefits of TPE. Here are some of the biggest advantages that you will get with buying a TPE sex doll. Realistic look and feel      With TPE sex dolls you will enjoy a natural bounce to the butt and...

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