by Joshua Sword on December 02, 2018

A.I Sex Robot

Recently, there has being a huge change in sex dolls as inventors have worked hard to make them feel and look more real. The next leap for sex dolls is in artificial intelligence. Recently the first A.I sex robots have been created and they are now taking over the industry. Sex dolls have gone from having a blank, silent face to being more and more interactive. The dolls can moan, talk, and even blink.

Each year sex dolls become more and more advanced. It is amazing how far they have come, and we can only speculate how real they will be in the next 5 years. Here are some amazing features already included in A.I sex dolls today!

The best features of artificial intelligent sex robots

  • Self-heating

Sex robots, unlike standard sex dolls, comes with a heated body system. Standard sex dolls can add this feature but they required plugging it in and out before sex. A.I sex robots, on the other hand, heat up on their own without having to plug her in first.

  • Touch sensing

A.I Sex robots can now engage in dirty talk, and respond to touch. How cool is that? This changes the whole experience with the doll. A big turn on for most guys is pleasuring their partner. Now that these dolls can moan and respond to touch, you can feel like the stud you are.

These dolls respond using sensors placed around their body. The erogenous zones of sex robots such as breasts, hips, and crotch are where these sensitive pressure sensors are located.  When a user puts pressure on one of these zone it arouses the robot. Once these sex robots detect foreplay acts like kissing, and breast touching, it responds with vocal moans and warms the vagina in anticipation for fun.

  • Realistic bodies
A.I Sex Robot

The physical features of sex robots have greatly advanced since the first sex doll. It is well known that sex robots that look more like real woman arouse men faster. The original blow up dolls that look and feel fake can really separate you from the experience. One great feature of current sex dolls is that they are more realistic now. Sex dolls are very impressive with how real they look, and feel. It is getting harder to tell the difference with how their skin feels, looks, and jiggles. It will be very exciting to see just how real they can become in the future.

  • Artificial intelligent

The current sex robots with Artificial Intelligent have simple personalities. The robots can learn to interact with humans, engaging in conversations, but the software has a long way to go. The conversations can feel repetitive after a while, and it just feels like it is missing something. With software updates and further development these dolls will be a standard many homes in the future. Having someone to have meaningful conversations with can really brighten up someone’s day, and make them feel closer to the doll.  Although the current state of how deep the conversations can go is limited, we are looking forward to further technology.

The future of sex robots

Assuredly, current sex robots advancements will improve in the future, but let's look at the future of sex robots. People currently choose sex robots for many reasons. It could be because it’s an easy option to please yourself without having to take someone out on a date, or they are wanting to spice up their sex life with their partner. No matter what your current reason to own a sex doll we believe that those reasons will expand even further as A.I sex robots become more advanced.  

We see men opting for sex robots, not just for sex, but also for companionship. In the next decade, we might even see men marrying their sex robots. The Gatebox (an A.I companion much like Siri) has been married to over 1,000 men in Japan. This personal assistant is customizable to your favorite anime character, and has supplied many men in Japan with great companionship. We see a very similar future for A.I sex robots.

Male sex robots

Though women are a smaller market in sex dolls, we see it becoming larger as the conversation ability of these robots advance. Women will be able to have deep conversations with the robot and have him understand and respond accordingly. This function of the doll will draw in many women into the industry.

We also see advancement in the penis of sex robots. Currently the standard is dildos, but as the female market grows over time we see additional options for the penis such as vibrators.  These future male sex robots will meet the desires of woman both as a friend and lover.

The importance of sex robots

Despite the criticisms of sex robots, they play an important role in our society today. This includes:

  • Empowering men and women – a man who is afraid to approach a woman can gain confidence with the help of a sex robot. Also, men and women can learn their body and what works for them by using sex robots.
  • Companionship – everyone needs someone to talk to and hold. Sex robots will always be there for men and women, and respond to all their needs.
  • Reduce sexually transmitted diseases – having sex with sex robots is 100% safe. It protects you from STDs, which is a growing epidemic. Having your own sex doll or robot can be a safe and fun way to enjoy sex.
  • Help users gain sexual knowledge – sex robots remove the pressure of human intimacy. They help men with erectile dysfunction, irregular libido, and disability. It is a great no pressure way for men and woman to enjoy sex.

Where to get AI sex robots

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Why you should buy from us

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  • Our sex dolls are responsive and they moan in pleasure when you touch them.
  • The sex dolls are TPE certified and come with lifelike features.

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We would love to hear your opinion about current sex robots, and what features you are excited about in the future. Don't forget to leave a comment below. We promise to respond as soon as possible.

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