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How Cody Heller and Dan Harmon Are Normalizing Sex Doll Use

by on August 23, 2020

Like many other talented writers, Cody Heller’s name often gets lost in the credits. Her fiance, creative talent Dan Harmon, most popularly known for his creation of Rick and Morty, however, is more recognizable, which has people talking. These two are completely sex-positive and now Dan has no choice but to be open about his sex doll use. In fact, Cody Heller aims to normalize it so fully that she has decided to draw on real-life events from her relationship with Dan Harmon as inspiration for the show. This isn’t the first time that sex dolls have been shown in film or on tv, but it is certainly one of the most sex doll friendly renditions that the world has ever seen. We can only hope that by being honest about his experience, more people will normalize the idea of sex doll use.

Dummy, The Sex Doll Show!
Dummy is the newest creation of Heller, and it is obvious from the moment the trailer starts that it is going to be one of the best comedy shows around, particularly for this niche. The main character, played by crowd-favorite Anna Kendrick, is a young woman who ends up running around with her boyfriend’s sex doll. If that isn’t hilariously odd enough, the sex doll has actually gained sentience and joins Anna Kendrick for some absurd adventures. It is without a doubt the strangest use for a sex doll that we’ve seen yet, but that’s also kind of the charm!

The Inspiration
Heller and Harmon are out about sex dolls and they don’t care who knows it. The story’s origin is largely based on autobiographical events surrounding Harmon’s very real sex doll. Basically, Heller and Harmon wanted to be completely open and honest about their sexuality with one another when they were together. Ultimately, Harmon sat down with Heller and announced that he owned a sex doll. She went from shocked, to finding it hilarious, to slowly ending up a bit jealous of the doll. Heller began to work on the project and before long, she had an absurdly hilarious narrative about a woman who befriends her boyfriend’s sex doll. Thus, Dummy was born!

What This Means For Sex Doll Use
A piece of media like this is a huge win for sex doll enthusiasts everywhere. It is an excellent way for sex dolls to get some much-needed comedic attention showing the lighter side of sex doll use. Though the narrative in the story itself is a bit ridiculous, it is also a fun way to get people talking about sex dolls without whispering. We absolutely support it!

A comedy series about a sex doll is showing that we as a society are becoming more progressive. If we can work to normalize this kind of dialogue, we will see a much more sex-friendly future. As for us, we are just happy to see such normal human dialogue surrounding sex dolls. If Dan Harmon can be open about it with his partner, you can too!



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