How to Avoid Sex Doll Scams

by Joshua Sword on May 03, 2019

   It is well known that there are some shady sellers in the sex doll industry. A lot of customers can feel hesitant to pull the trigger to buy a sex doll because they are worried of being scammed, or have been scammed in the past. As a well trusted sex doll retailer we wanted to create an article to shares some tips on how to avoid these shady and unethical scams. 

Check the payment provider:

   Checking what payment provider they are using is one of the most important things you can do to see if a seller is trustworthy. This can be a telltale sign whether you should purchase through this seller or not. We recommend asking, or looking at what payment provider they use, then do research on what kind of payment security that provider offers. Here at My Dear Sex Doll, we use Paypal as our payment provider. Paypal is the most trusted online payment providers with 267 million active accounts. Some great benefits to Paypal is that If you do not receive your doll, or it is not as described, Paypal will completely refund your money.  Paypal also offers buyer protection with features such as: 

Paypal Secure Payments

Check for reviews. 

   Another big sign that will tell you if you should purchase through the seller is to check out their reviews. You should only purchase from a seller with a large amount of positive reviews. Seeing what others say about the seller is very important, and will give you a clear insight into what kind of business they run.

   At My Dear Sex Doll we have over 500 trusted reviews with positive feedback. We strive to put quality as a top priority in our dolls, and it shows in the many satisfied customers we have.



Inspect the product description. 

   Make sure to read over the product description before buying. If the seller does not have a detailed description this should bring up some caution signs in your mind. If the seller does not give specific measurements or details then they could send you the wrong sized doll, or it could be completely different than you expect. A trusted seller will have lots of details such as features of the doll, height, breast size, weight, and many more.


Product Details

Responsive customer service.


   A great way to tell if you can trust a seller is by how fast they respond to you. Trusted retailers or seller should have a customer support team in place that is there to respond to any questions. If the seller is slow to respond this can be a big sign to let you know that the seller isn't there for the customer, or doesn't have the customers best interests in mind. Even if the seller isn't a complete scam you will want a responsive seller in case of any shipment issues. My Dear Sex Doll has the most responsive customer service in the industry that will be there with you every step of the way of your purchase, shipment, and after it's delivered.


Responsive Customer Service

Check for email shipping updates.  


   Shipping updates will take a lot of the worry out of your purchase if the seller offers them. Sex dolls generally take around 2-3 weeks to be created, and delivered. This can seem like an even longer time if you are not updated, or aware when the doll has shipped. If the seller provides updates it can bring peace of mind that your order is actually being sent to you, and lesson some anxiety on a large purchase. My Dear Sex Doll send updates via email on order confirmation, shipment, and delivery. Our customer service team is also available 24/7 via live chat. They can answer any questions for you need is a fast and courteous manner.


Shipping Updates


   If you follow these tips above you will avoid most scams in the sex doll industry. We have heard a lot of terrible stories from customer being scammed purchasing sex dolls from untrusted sellers over the years, so we wanted to make this article explaining how to avoid it. Even if you don;t purchase from our store, we want you to be able to find trusted sellers, so that you can have a great experience with these amazing sex dolls. If you have anymore tips on avoiding scams, spread the word below in the comments.


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