How to Buy a Realistic Sex Doll (Step by Step Process on How to Checkout)

by Joshua Sword on April 05, 2019

Have you got lost in the checkout process, or unsure of how to take home your own realistic sex doll? This article is going to show you a step by step process on how to complete your order. Keep reading below to guide you through the process of checking out.

Step 1: Choose your doll.

The first step is picking out your realistic sex doll. We have a great selection for any preferences. Remember we can also customize any doll if you would like to change her hair, bust, eyes, etc. You can also chat with our customer service, live on the website to help you pick the right doll.


Step 2: Click add to cart then choose your doll options.

When you click add to cart on any doll a list of options to customize your doll will pop up. In this window you can choose to add a heated body system. This heats up the doll's whole body to the natural temperature of the human body. You can also select to add pubic hair, and a removable vagina for easier cleaning.

Click add to cart

Choose options

Step 3: Verify your cart then click checkout.

Once you select your options of heated body system, pubic hair, or removable vagina, you will be redirected to the cart page. In this area you will need to verify all the items in your cart. If everything looks good then go ahead and click the “checkout” button.

Click checkout

Step 4: Enter customer information then click continue to shipping method.

After you click checkout you will be taken through the checkout process. The first step is to enter your personal information. This includes your email, name, and shipping address. When you are done entering your information you will click the “Continue to shipping method” button.

Enter customer information

Step 5: Free shipping. Click continue to payment method.

After clicking continue to shipping method you will be taken to the screen below. We only offer one shipping method, because it is the fastest shipping available for our products. The best part is we offer FREE SHIPPING to all of our customers. No need to do anymore on this screen, just click the “Continue to payment method” button.

Click continue to payment method

Step 6: Payment method already selected for you, click complete order.

You will now be taken to the screen below. The payment method will already be selected for you. We use Paypal as our payment provider. They are the most trusted online payment provider, and they offer features like payment protection for safe checkout. If you have any promo codes on the right of the page on the discount code line is where you will enter it. All you need to do next is click the “Complete order” button.

Click complete order

Step 7: Paypal portal. Sign into your account or click pay with debit or credit card to checkout as guest.

You will now be taken to the last area of the process. Here you will either sign into your existing Paypal account, create an account, or checkout as a guest by clicking the grey “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button.

Paypal Portal

Step 8: Enter your card information and click pay now.

Now you will enter your card information. Before finalizing your payment please verify that all information is entered correctly. If everything looks good then go ahead and click the “Pay Now” button.

Click pay now

Step 9: Congratulation, you now have your own realistic sex doll.

You have now completed your purchase, and we will start creating your realistic sex doll. When your doll is completed and sent out you will receive shipping updates via email to keep you in the loop. All you have to now is sit back and get ready for your new doll to arrive.


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