How To Take Care of a Sex Doll 2020

by Joshua Sword on February 28, 2020

After purchasing your doll, are you afraid that it will lose it’s perfect look over time? In this article we will be going over how to best take care of your sex doll. If you have recently purchased a doll, or are wondering the maintenance sex dolls require, keep reading below because we will go over everything you need to know to maintain your doll, and keep her as beautiful and perfect as the first day you got her.

Safe Use:

  • Always use a water-based lubricant with the vaginal, anal and oral orifices to prevent tearing of the skin.

The first question you might have is how do I use my doll without harming the materials the doll is made of. We recommend a water based lubricant while using the doll. Water based lubricants are safe to use on sex dolls and will not degrade the material. Not only will the lubricant make the doll feel realistic, but it will also help avoid tears and splits in the vaginal or anal canal. Below is a highly rated water based lubricant that is safe on all sex dolls.

 Water Based Lubricant


Orifice Cleaning:

  • Clean your doll’s vaginal and anal canal after every use with water and a mild antimicrobial soap

The next question you might have is how often do I need to clean my sex doll, and what is the safest way to clean her. We recommend you clean your doll’s vaginal and anal canal after every use. Any left over fluids inside the doll can grow bacteria over time. At My Dear Sex Doll we provide a cleaning tool with every sex doll we offer. To clean the inside of the doll first fill this tool with a mixture of water and mild antimicrobial soap. Use the tool to thoroughly clean the inside of the vaginal and anal canal. Then fill the tool with water to rinse out the canal until the soap is completely removed. After cleaning air dry the canal.

Body Cleaning:

  • To clean to sex doll’s body use  a mild antimicrobial soap and a soft sponge. Below is a very soft sponge that will not scratch or damage your dolls skin. hSoft Sponge

Please avoid using any harsh chemicals, solvents, or rough sponges to clean your doll. These can harm the materials of your doll. You can clean your doll with ease by placing her in the shower or tub. The best way to clean the doll is to first remove the head. You will want to avoid getting the face and eyes of the doll wet. Cleaning the head can result in her makeup wearing off over time or detaching her eyelashes from her eyelids.

When you are finished cleaning the body you will want to use a soft towel to gently pat and dry her with. For softer and more realistic feeling skin, you can use baby powder to dust the body with.

Wig Care:

  • Wash wig with mild shampoo
The best way to clean the doll’s wig is to remove it from the head, and separately wash the wig with a mild shampoo. Look for a shampoo without any harsh chemicals. We recommend using a shampoo with essential or natural oils. After washing it is best to let the wig air dry naturally. Avoid using a hair dryer because it can harm the hair on the wig. After washing the wig use a wig comb to straighten the hair. We recommend using a wig stand to let it sit and dry slowly on. Below are some great options for a wig stand and wig comb that you can use:
Wig Comb

Wig Stand

Things to Avoid:

Make sure any clothing placed on your sex doll is color transfer resistant. New and unwashed clothing can bleed into the dolls skin and leave stains and discoloration. If your doll does get stained or discolored we offer a stain remover here. You can use this solution to remove most stains and discoloration on your doll.


It is best to store your doll without clothing. Dolls left in sunlight or pressed against clothing for extended amounts of time can also become stained or discolored.

We recommend you store your doll by hanging her in the closet with a hook, or laying flat in a storage container.

Now that you know the best way to take care of your new sex doll, you can keep her looking and feeling her best for years to come. If you have any more questions please comment below, or message us on our customer service chat service. We love hearing from customers and are more than happy to answer any questions


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