Sex Doll Brothels – Are They Good For Society?

by Joshua Sword on September 14, 2018

Sex Doll Brothel

     An interesting and yet controversial trend is currently gaining popularity around the world. Imagine yourself going into a regulated business, picking a companion from a line of beautiful women, and spending quality time with her. I am not talking about just an ordinary brothel. This is a brand new take on the world’s oldest profession: sex doll brothels.

     Inside a sex doll brothel, you won't find any real women to pay for play. Instead, you will be able to pick out a lifelike  sex doll based on your preferences. These dolls are a big change from the blow up dolls of the past. These sex dolls have a substantial amount of detail that make each of them look and feel just like a real woman. Many sex doll brothels have opened and the owners are experimenting on ways to improve them. Owners are striving to provide better service and experiences for their customers. At the current rate the trend is growing, it is predicted to be common business by 2050.

     Sex doll brothels can deliver a variety of benefits to people as well as some potential drawbacks. Take a look below at the pros and cons to decide if sex doll brothels are a good and ethical business, or if we need to make some changes.


Sex Dolls Provide a Therapeutic Companionship

   Industry professionals in therapy, and psychology are very optimistic about the emergence of sex dolls in society. If you read the book “Love and Sex”, written by David Levy, you will have a clear understanding about the benefits that sex dolls bring to people who have emotional or social disorders. The author mentions that sex dolls are in a position to offer the best possible solution to the lonely people with these mental illnesses or disorders. A person who is struggling to get into a romantic relationship will be able to seek out these sex dolls to build confidence, and be able to share emotions they are uncomfortable sharing with a real human. These dolls can be a great tool to overcome these problems.

     Another great advantage to these dolls is that they can help improve relationships with couples says Michelle Mars, a sexologist working at the Laureate International University. The sex dolls can provide an appropriate environment, which couples can go ahead and try out all their fantasies in a safe place. This means couples will be able to spice up their relationships and try exciting new things.

     As the dolls become more and more advanced it is possible that these dolls can cater to more than just sexual needs. As the dolls advance conversations will be possible, and maybe even shared emotions. People could become friends or even lovers with the sex dolls. Who knows, maybe even a sex doll marriage can take place in the future.

Sex Dolls Could Lower Human Trafficking Rates

     Human trafficking has become one of the biggest issues today. According to the statistics from the International Labor Organization, around 21 million individuals have become victims of sex trafficking. This issue is a growing epidemic, and it’s important to take appropriate measures to save the innocent human beings. Some hope that sex doll brothels can help reduce sex traffic rates. Sex dolls might be able to take the place of real women forced into unwanted sexual labor. This possible advantage to sex doll brothels was mentioned on the TV show The Doctors. Watch the video below to see the whole segment.


Possible Risk of STI’s

     As with any form of sexual contact, there is a risk of catching an STI. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly 20 million new STIs occur every year in the United States. It is always important to protect yourself sexually, and this is also true when using sex dolls. The dolls will be used by multiple men, and there is no way to know about their sexual history, or what diseases they might have. At most sex doll brothels, it is required to wear a condom, but even if you use a condom you will still be at risk of STI’s. Sex doll brothels are also hard to regulate for sanitary use, and cleaning of the dolls. There are a lot of safety risks when going to a brothel. Some people would just prefer to buy their own doll for their home, and not have to worry about others using it.

Could Lower Gender Equality

     Another major issue associated with the sex doll brothels is that they could further push existing issues related to social inequalities. The business can be viewed as pushing societal roles of women backwards in time. Many feminists say that brothels of any kind are objectify women as sexual objects, because these dolls can’t provide the true companionship. Using women for only sex can set unwanted standards that women are only good for one use. Women should be encouraged to do anything they put their mind to, and viewed in a positive light.  

     This outrage was mentioned in a video from CityNews Toronto. The video is about the first sex doll brothel opening in North America. The Canadian brothel was set to open on September 8th 2018, but due to controversy the business closed before it even opened. Check out the whole video below.

     As you can see there are pros and cons to the sex doll brothel industry. Whether they are good for society or not is still being debated. Let us know in the comments below whether you think this is an ethical and legitimate business, if you think they are reinforcing negative female roles in society, or if you would just rather use one in the privacy of your home. We would love to hear what you think.  

My Dear Sex Doll

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