The Biggest Mistakes You're Making with Your Sex Doll

by Joshua Sword on July 08, 2019

    Have you ever bought a tshirt and after a couple of washes, the shirt is not the same as before? This situation can happen with your sex doll if you do not take proper care of your doll. In this article we will share with you the top mistakes you are making with your sex doll, and give you tips on how to make your doll last longer and look like new after each use. 

1) Not Using the Correct Lube.

    With any sex toy it's important to know the materials it’s made with. This is important to understand which kind of lube is safest to use. We recommend you use a water based lube to prevent any damage or degrading over time with your sex doll. Oil based lubes are known for harming and degrading sex toys over time. 

2) Cleaning improperly, or not enough.

    It is very important to clean your sex doll after every use. This will prevent any bacteria build up, or damage to your doll. With every sex doll we offer to send you a cleaning tool to make cleaning your doll with ease. When cleaning your doll use a mild antimicrobial soap. Use our cleaning tool with a mixture of soap and water to clean the inside of your doll. Then rinse the soap out with water. Gently pad dry your doll or simply let your doll air dry completely. 

3) Storing improperly. 

    TPE sex dolls can deform in extreme temperatures. This can easily be avoided by proper storage. Do not leave your doll in extreme temperature locations, such as the attic, or garage. We recommend you store your doll hanging in the closet, or laying flat in a storage container inside a temperature controlled room free of moisture. 

4) Abusing your doll.

    Sex dolls are made for physical activities. The dolls we offer are made from long lasting materials like a stainless steel skeleton with ball joints for easy movement. They can handle most physical situations, but avoid twisting arms or joints in unnatural ways. Think of your doll as a real woman, and avoid bending her in ways that break joints.

5) Not purchasing a sex doll.

    The biggest mistake you are making is waiting to purchase a sex doll. We offer the most realistic sex toy experience you can get.You will feel engaged, and connected to our sex dolls. People tend to hesitate to purchase a sex doll because they are a higher end sex toy. We understand it can be an investment, but we have an extremely high satisfaction rate from buyers. We hear countless stories about being surprised by the details of the doll, and how much fun they can be in your home. We recommend that if you are considering purchasing a sex doll to go ahead and pull the trigger. You won’t regret it! 

by Josh | My Dear Sex Doll on July 11, 2019

Hey Felipe. Thanks for replying. Yes we do offer financing to all U.S customers through Paypal. Contact us through chat and we can help you apply :)

by Felipe Lozano on July 11, 2019

I am so very interested in getting a sex doll but I have to save up to get one, do you have some kind of financial assistance? (layaway)

by John Diemert on July 10, 2019

I am going to purchase a doll soon just need to get the money together first thank you

by John Diemert on May 10, 2020

I am going to purchase a doll soon just need to get the money together first thank you

by frederick l stroud on July 10, 2019

i want to get a sex doll, very bad, i will love her and care for her very easily nicely. but i have a real lady with me in real life now, so, i am just waiting for her to leave me, so i can get my doll, my place is just big eough for one person other then me, so when she got, the lady here, my sex doll will fill in the space she had, thank you, p. s, your dolls are great,


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