Morgan Lifelike Sex Doll

Morgan: Realistic Sex Doll
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Important Note: Our sex dolls are made custom for the buyer when the order is placed. Because our dolls are in high demand, you should lock in your order today to avoid back orders.


  • Realistic look and feel. We create each with care and quality. Our dolls have realistic facial features and makeup. The dolls are made with a stretchable material that allows for a natural look, jiggle, and feel. 
  • Life sized dolls. We offer life sized dolls for a more realistic experience. Heights range from 4'7'' to 5'7'' depending on the doll. 
  • Easy to maneuver and change positions. We use certified TPE and a ball joint metal skeleton on every doll we offer. The material used makes the doll easier to move, and less stiff than silicone dolls. 
  • Durable material. The material used to make our sex dolls is a naturally stretchable material. This allows the doll to last longer and avoid tears and splits. 
  • Best customer service in the industry. We are available over chat or email when ever you need. We will help you every step of the way, and even provide shipping updates. Chat with us now to find out why we are the best.

Morgan is the perfect doll to be yourself with. Her desire to lay in bed, and spend time with you is insatiable. Gently hold onto her late at night, as you share meaningful pillow talk. Your conversations with Morgan will become deep, and truly effortless the more time you spend with her. She is a great listener, and will always be there for you. There is no need to be shy around Morgan, take her home today.


Available Heights:

4'7'' (140cm)

5'2'' (158cm)

5'6'' (168cm)

Weight of Doll:

4'7'' (140cm): 57 pounds (26kg)

5'2'' (158cm): 77 pounds (35kg)

5'6'' (168cm): 88 pounds (40kg)

Cup Size:

A cup

Doll Functions:

Oral / Vaginal / Anal